Detox Your Body At Home Once In 15 Days (Complete Fasting Guide & Right Way Explained)

The Ultimate Detox in 1 day that your body craves for. What really happens when we fast? What are the most astonishing benefits of fasting? What is the right and more importantly the practical way to fast? What is the best time for fasting as per Ayurveda?

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If there is one most powerful and natural tool for healing and prevention of disease, it is fasting. Well, if you are a man or woman, young or old and are unaware of the miraculous benefits of fasting, then this video can be life changing for you. What all happens in your body when you fast? What do our ancient saints and sages and the modern medical experts have to say about fasting? What is my personal fasting routine? What is the right and more importantly the practical way to fast? Everything will be cleared by the end of this video.

00:37 – Difference between fasting and starvation?
01:00 – Fasting is not a new concept. It has been practised in various cultures since ages.
01:15 – Is fasting natural?
01:24 – Why should you fast?
01:38 – What happens in body when we fast as per Ayurvedic scriptures?
02:04 – What is modern science’s take on fasting and it’s benefits?
02:30 – Day to day benefits of regular fasting?
02:44 – What great people in the past have to say about fasting?
02:53 – Why is fasting seen as something to be feared and to be avoided at all costs?
03:15 – Myths about fasting
03:16 – Does fasting decrease metabolism levels?
03:39 – Does fasting will make you lose muscle mass?
03:59 – Does fasting increase human growth hormone?
04:11 – Do energy levels go down during a fast?
04:29 – What is the right way to fast?
05:33 – The right spirit of fasting
05:47 – How to break the fast?
05:55 – When you should fast?
06:24 – Guidelines by Ayurveda for longer fasts as per your body type and weather conditions.
06:33 – Who should not fast?
06:38 – My fasting routine
07:02 – 4 Simple tips to execute the fast easily

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